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The Extar EP45 is Here!

10th Mar 2023

Introducing the Extar EP45

Many assume the goal at Extar is to produce budget minded firearms. While using innovative design and production aspects, direct marketing, and limiting of profit margins do achieve that end, our goal has always been to offer the most functionally reliable in class firearms at any price. The EP9 has met this goal and proven itself well in the firearms world. The EP moniker has always designated EXTAR PISTOL and represents this goal. Prefixing our latest accomplishment, the EP45, it could also designate EXTRA PUNCH.

The venerable .45ACP caliber has a long history as a proven cartridge. It has enjoyed extensive modern use with the excellent Glock handguns in .45ACP. What have been lacking are practical and reliable companion firearms in a PDW format that would accept the conveniently compatible and widely attainable Glock magazine. While there have been a few limited offerings, they have in our view proven less than consistent in functional reliability and limited in what types of ammunition they would function with at all. At Extar any firearm that cannot take advantage of a wide spectrum of the best available defensive ammo we view as a “range toy” and nothing more. While “range toys” have their place, the EP Series was never designed to be only that. The EP45 has met our criteria and earned the EP designation as well as the EP9 has. We in fact view it as our highest achievement thus far.

As the EP9 achieved its level of performance by departing from the common “AR” format while retaining familiar controls, the EP45 is a departing even more so. While there remains the control familiarity of the EP9, the affordable EP45 implements patent pending features exclusive in the industry that will have no one confusing it with anything of the “AR45” class. Beyond that we foresee it becoming established as the most reliable .45ACP in the PDW class at any price.


We hope you will read on to learn more about what has taken the innovative reliability-centered goals here at Extar to be met at a whole new level, along with familiar features so many have come to value in the Extar EP series.

Extar Dynamic Feed Control

Longstanding practice regarding magazine-fed fixed barrel firearms has involved the use of a “feed ramp” that directs the round generally in the direction of the chamber opening in the hope that it enters straight both vertically and laterally and does so efficiently enough to also center on the bolt face during the process without binding. The challenge increases as the diameter-to-length ratio increases in major pistol calibers as there is now more surface area to induce binding on the chamber entrance during the process.

Extar has developed and filed a US Patent on a controlled feed system that uses physical contact surfaces dynamically interacting to assist axial, vertical, and lateral round positioning throughout the feed process. The result of all this engineering is fantastic feeding reliability with a wide array of bullet profiles.

The system’s annular chamber breach has additional benefits beyond smooth feeding. It results in a chamber that has more support of the cartridge case than conventional designs that rely on removing crucial chamber support area in the hope of improving feeding. Additionally, the corresponding conical exterior bolt face profile provides an exact centering interface with the chamber resulting in increased accuracy. Lastly, the conical impact interface greatly reduces the possibility of hazardous “bolt bounce”.

Putting this amount of extensive research and development into a reasonably priced firearm is the Extar way. We don’t believe anyone should have to pay a lot more just to get something that works as it should. Or pay a lot more for something that doesn’t.

Extar Recoil Impulse Damping System

Sir Isaac Newton proved long ago that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is what we know as recoil. Common to most direct blowback system firearms is not so much the recoil itself, which is determined by bullet weight and velocity, but the impact impulse experienced as the bolt’s rearward movement is terminated during the firing cycle. This felt impact can be dramatically reduced by increasing the length of time over which the impulse is distributed. Most designs make no attempts towards this end. Some have attempted to increase this time distribution by use of hydraulic buffer systems. While an improvement, these hydraulic systems are not progressive in action. This means that if a particular type of load exceeds in impulse energy the linear damping time available, a hard stop impact will yet be experienced. 

Extar has developed an infinitely progressive method of time distributing the impulse in an exclusive and unique impulse damping system. Exceedingly simple in function, yet beautifully effective in use. We’ve proven that direct blowback system firearms can indeed be quite pleasurable and effective to use. Unbelievably so in an ultra-lightweight firearm like the EP Pistol.

Purchasing and Availability

The Extar EP45 is now available for purchase directly from the manufacturer on We are selling it on a first come, first service basis when we have units available. If the product is out of stock, customers can sign up to be notified by email when it is available again.