EP9 6.5" 9mm | 18RD MAG w/SBA3

SKU: EP1001-SBA3
Availability: Ships Within 6 Days after FFL Verification
Maximum Purchase: 1 unit
FFL: Yes
Caliber: 9mm
Magazine Restriction: No
Brace: SB Tactical SBA3
Barrel Length: 6.5"
As low as $549.00
  • Extar EP Single-Point Sling
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EP9 6.5" 9mm | 18RD MAG w/SBA3

As low as $549.00

EP9 6.5" 9mm | 18RD MAG w/SBA3

As low as $549.00
  • Extar EP Single-Point Sling

Meet the Extar EP9. Made of high-tech, high-quality, engineering-grade polymer and weighing in at only four pounds, we're certain this will be the all-around most comfortable, most dependable, most accurate gun you will ever own. It's compatible with Glock 9mm magazines, is easy to use and maintain, and outperforms PDWs costing twice as much.

Why the EP9? If you're only going to have one firearm, this is the smartest, most obvious choice. And if you're a gun enthusiast, your collection isn't complete without it. It's equally at home on the range and as a personal defense weapon, and it's just plain fun to use.

You say polymer. We say superior. It's an ongoing debate. Some swear by steel. Others opt for polymer. We recognize the merits of both. But we firmly believe the Extar EP9 should have a place in everyone's arsenal. We've been in the polymer industry for more than 40 years, so we know a thing or two about it. Yes, polymers are lightweight, but they are also so strong and so durable, that militaries around the world have been using polymer framed firearms for years, and for good reason.

Polymer-framed firearms:

  • Outlast those with steel components by 6x
  • Are ultra-water resistant and don't rust
  • Are leaps and bounds ahead in comfort
  • Have incredibly close tolerances
  • Are impervious to acids, salts and solvents
  • Are supremely wear resistant, resisting denting or bending
  • Don't require the lubrication metal ones do
  • Don't degrade

The gun you'll shoot the most. When a firearm is as versatile as the Extar EP9, you'll find yourself reaching for it over and over. It's a blast to use at the range and—since the best self-defense weapon is the one you use the most—it's an exceptional PDW. It's our vision of the perfect 9mm PDW from its light weight and safety features to it accuracy and soft shooting.


  • Caliber: 9x19 Luger
  • Barrel Length: 6.5"
  • Barrel Thread: 1/2-28"
  • Capacity: Up to 33rd
  • Magazine: Glock 9mm double stack magazine compatible
  • Overall Length: 23.8"
  • Overall Height: 7.9"
  • Overall Width: 2"
  • Weight (Unloaded): 4lbs.
  • Weight (w/Empty Magazine): 4lbs. 2.2oz.
  • Bolt & Barrel Finish: BLACKNITRIDE+
  • Trigger Action: Single-Stage
  • Charging Handle: Non-Reciporcating
  • Brace: Adjustable SB Tactical SBA3 Brace installed on the Extar Adjustable Receiver Extension

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