What Makes Us



Our Background

Extar was founded by a life-long engineer and injection mold expert that started working in the firearms industry in 1995 by developing and introducing the first molded polymer, rifle caliber receiver sets to the world. That technology allowed Americans access to rifles with all of the features that they wanted during the Federal ban on Assault Weapons.

Our Mission

To provide the people of The United States of America with access to firearms that are safe, fun to shoot, easy to use, lightweight, and reliable; available directly from the American factory where they are developed and produced. No Dealer Mark-ups and No Middlemen, only fair pricing for everyone.

What it Means to be an Original Firearms Maker


In this country, there are many firearms manufacturers; with the vast majority choosing to manufacture existing firearms designs. Extar does not choose this path. Every firearm that we designed has been with the goal of making something new and outstanding. We do not aim to make “a better blank”. Instead, we create original designs that take into consideration what we want from the firearm. We work with unique materials, which leads us to invent unique solutions. Every part of an Extar firearm has had careful consideration and planning put into it, down to the exact type of polymer used in a pin or the angles at which two surfaces meet.
We Go into Every Product Thinking How Can We Make “The Best”


Since we have ownership of the entire process of designing and manufacturing our firearms, we go to great lengths to only choose the best. This comes down to the composite blend choices of each component, the metal treatment process for core parts, and the feature set to include. We always want to deliver absolute value, by offering premium coatings, materials, and features as standard.
A Company is Only as Strong as Its Reputation


The Owner of Extar has been in the firearms industry for close to three decades, and in the time has seen many companies come and go. Extar knows that a company is only as strong as its reputation, so we pride ourselves in what we do and what we put out. Every firearm is inspected thoroughly, test-fired, and adjusted as needed to leave our factory. Our goal is to build a legacy through Extar, and that starts by always delivering a great product.
Take a Look at Our Work

Extar EP9

Made of high-tech, high-quality, engineering-grade polymer and weighing in at only four pounds, we're certain this will be the most comfortable, most dependable, most accurate gun you will ever own. It's compatible with Glock 9mm magazines, is easy to use and maintain, and outperforms pistols costing twice as much.
If you're only going to have one gun, this is the smartest, most obvious choice. And if you're a gun enthusiast, your collection isn't complete without it. It's equally at home on the range and as a personal defense weapon, and it's just plain fun to use.
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At Extar, our mission is to make the sport of shooting accessible to all by continuing to innovate and manufacture the highest quality guns that are easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to love. In short, our goal is to become the ultimate gun for smart shooters everywhere.